How to Design Pharmacy Shelf Displays

A well-designed OTC area is the key to your pharmacy’s success. But where do you start? Here are three basic ideas. Gondola shelves, Flex Rx shelving, and Nakajima shelving. These are just some of the many types of pharmacy shelves. You may be interested in learning more about them, or in purchasing a pharmacy shelving unit for your own business. Whether you choose a modular or wall-mounted system, these ideas will help you design the perfect OTC area for your business.

Gondola shelving

When it comes to front-end display in a pharmacy, gondola shelving is an excellent option. Despite its name, this type of shelving is versatile enough to hold any item you want to display and still make it easy for customers to view. This style of shelving is also great for other industries because it doesn’t have to be fixed to a wall. It can go virtually anywhere. Here are some tips for designing gondola shelving for pharmacy shelf displays.

A gondola shelving system can include either end units or wall units. Each type of unit features two or more side shelves. End units are generally longer than wall units and can have a variety of different types of shelves. They are also manufactured with heavy-duty steel components that make it easier to keep the shelves in place. A typical gondola shelving unit uses a pegboard backing for product display. You can also find these units with solid or slatwall backing.

Flex Rx

When it comes to flexibility and adaptability, Lozier Flex-Rx Shelving is the best choice. This brand offers several different styles and product categories for your pharmacy’s shelves, so you can customize your display to fit your unique needs. Flex-Rx Shelving maximizes customer engagement and flexibility. You can install shelves flat or at a 17-degree downward slant. These shelves are available in both wall and island styles.

This modern shelving system holds more product and takes up less space than traditional systems. You can adjust the shelving to accommodate different-sized packaging, such as prescription trays. It can be adjusted so that it fits the packaging of different drugs without removing the medications. Unlike traditional pharmacy shelves, you can purchase these products “as is,” or you can customize your shelving to fit your layout and increase customer convenience. Whether you’re a small pharmacy, or a large one, these shelves will keep your pharmacy organized and offer maximum convenience.

Nakajima shelf

The shelves are a crucial part of pharmacy interior design, since a well-designed, functional pharmacy can entice customers. While selecting shelves for your pharmacy, you should make sure that they fit your store’s style and complement its decor. When placing shelves, consider how they will fit into the room, as well as how they will look filled. Adding end shelves to your pharmacy is a great way to maximize shelf space and make your store more appealing to customers.

During the process of space and regional planning, you need to take into account the number of products you plan to display. If you want to avoid making your store look crowded, choose the products that are the most popular. If you have a wide aisle, keep the shelves low so that they don’t block the view of your customers. The height of your Nakajima shelf should not be too high, either. Human body height is about 170cm. High Nakajima shelves can block a real line of sight for customers and can look depressed.

Modular shelving

If you’re looking to improve your store’s shelf space, consider adding mobile shelving to your pharmacy shelves. These shelving units are mounted on tracks or wheels and can be easily moved to make more space for your supplies. Pharmacies must maintain strict security standards when storing controlled substances. This way, they can keep drugs out of the wrong hands and ensure that they always have the right supply of medicines for their customers. Whether you’re expanding your inventory or need more space to accommodate more patients, modular shelving can help you achieve the same goals.

Using high-density pharmacy shelving in your pharmacy will help reduce the time it takes to fill prescriptions. Not only will it save space, but the pharmacy will run more smoothly because it’s easy to find the medications and supplies that you need. You can also utilize the shelving to store bulk medications and robot-ready medicines. Having high-density shelving in your pharmacy will allow you to take advantage of all the available space in your store.

Wooden tops

Whether you’re redecorating an existing store or building a new one, you need to know the best way to organize your pharmacy space. There are many things to consider, including the size and style of your shelves. For example, you may need to divide the space into aisles or create an entryway to allow customers to find products easily. The design of your pharmacy shelves can be as complex or as simple as you want.

Choosing the right shelving for your pharmacy is a crucial step in ensuring a long-lasting, functional solution. The right fixtures will improve the overall experience for your customers. If your shelves are disorganized, your customers may not be able to find the item they are looking for. Choose innovative designs that can display your controlled products safely. Alternatively, consider using gondola shelving to maximize floor space. The variety of designs, heights, and widths, as well as colors and materials can make your shelves stand out.


Proper pharmacy lighting is essential to improve customer experience, promote brand identity, and provide comfort to customers. Listed below are tips for pharmacy lighting design. First, select the right lighting fixture. While many types of light fixtures are available today, only a few are suitable for pharmacy environments. Choose the right lighting fixture to increase customer comfort, safety, and fixture life. Then, focus on adding accents to the shelves and highlight featured displays.

Consider installing diffusers in the pharmacy shelves. Pharmacy employees spend a great deal of time reading and sorting, so too much light can be uncomfortable. Diffusers provide consistent light and are gentler on eyes. Choose one that matches the color of the products in your pharmacy. You will be glad you did. In addition, customers will be more likely to buy products in pharmacies that feature these lighting options. For the most natural illumination, look for fixtures that mimic outdoor lighting.