How to Design Wall Makeup Shelf

To organize your makeup items, consider building a custom wall-mounted vanity table. Rather than buying expensive makeup storage cabinets, you can repurpose a wine bottle holder into a wall-mounted storage shelf. Organize your cosmetics by size and category. Or, simply use a small stack storage to hold a stool, mirror, and small plant. This multi-functional storage can make your room look larger.

Repurpose a wine bottle holder as a makeup holder

Repurpose a wine bottle holder as your makeup organiser. Wine bottles are great for storing makeup because of their perfect angle to store them. You can add glitter and rhinestones to your makeup organizer for a personal touch. Alternatively, you can fix PVC pipes on a wall in a circular pattern and use them to store lipsticks and lip care products.

Another way to repurpose wine bottles as a makeup organiser is to turn them into Halloween decorations. This works even if you don’t drink wine. Simply paint the wine bottles black and add plastic spiders and spiderwebs for some added spookiness. Then, just place it in a closet and you’ve got a cute makeup organizer! This craft is easy enough to do that even a girl can do it!

Construct a classy wall-mounted vanity table

There are many different ways to construct a classy wall-mounted vanity table. You can purchase IKEA shelves and drawer units and assemble them into a table. Once you have the pieces, you can construct a frame for the vanity table out of reclaimed wood or a hairpin-leg dresser. Afterwards, add plastic drawer units and tuck them under the table.

If you’re a carpenter, you can use the same basic woodworking plan to build a makeup vanity table. You’ll need a rectangle frame, three drawers, and a pair of legs. You can also add a glass top to display the contents of the drawers. Don’t forget to add a lighting fixture for the mirror, too! A makeup vanity table is a great way to store all your cosmetics, while still being stylish and classy.

Organize your makeup products by category

Before you get started on organizing your makeup products, you need to declutter. This is the most difficult part of organizing. Depending on your makeup collection, you can organize each category into separate piles. If you have a small collection, you can sort them by face and body. If you have more than a handful of items, you can divide them into piles according to type or use.

If you don’t have the space to store a full box, you can purchase a countertop makeup organizer. These storage pieces can be stacked, or you can choose a single piece to stack. They come in many materials, including plastic and bamboo. Organizers with drawers are useful for face and eyeshadow palettes. Makeup trays are convenient for smaller items, such as lip gloss and blush.

Organize your makeup brushes by size

You can get a carousel organizer that transforms your makeup drawer into a sleek and functional space. You can also purchase additional jars to hold lipsticks and glosses. You can arrange them by color and brand, or by packaging. If you have multiple brushes in the same color family, you can store them in the same jar. The same goes for eyeshadow blending brushes.

Another way to use a wall makeup shelf is to make use of an old shoebox. You can turn it into a makeup storage cabinet by cutting off the top portion and adding hot glue and cardboard dividers. This is a good idea because it allows you to store a large amount of makeup products. Once you’ve cut out each compartment, you’ll be able to organize your brushes and other beauty products by size and color.

Organize your makeup brushes by color

To organize your makeup, you can make a magnetic board to hold them all. You can also purchase a large container or piece of metal and use tacky spray to coat it. Another great solution is to use a spice rack to keep all your lip and eye pencils organized. A good makeup organizer is an investment, but it will pay off in the long run. It will save you time, money, and hassle.

A wall-mounted makeup shelf can make your life much easier if you know where your brushes are located. Makeup brushes should be placed in logical groups, not randomly. When you place frequently used makeup brushes on the top of the shelf, you will find them faster and easier to access. If you do not have wall-mounted shelves, you can try using swivel containers.