How to Design Watch Tabletop Cases

So you have decided to design a Watch Tabletop Case for your favorite timepiece. But what is the best way to do it? There are four major steps you should take to make your case the best possible. These are Feature, Techniques, Dimensions, and Price. Read on to learn how to create the perfect case for your watch. Listed below are some tips to get you started. We hope this article has helped you.


A whitewashed Watch Tabletop Case will help you keep your personal items organized. This versatile piece has several compartments and is perfect for tabletop use. You can use it to store everything from keys to wallets. The whitewashed finish complements any decor and is attractive enough to use in a retail store. Usually, these cases take five to seven days to be dispatched. But, if you’d like a quick fix, you can opt for a custom one.


Watch cases can be artful, elegant, bold, or rugged. Some are simple and straightforward while others are complex and high-tech. Machined from a solid block of material, a watch case can consist of dozens of pieces. It’s not unusual for a watch case to have hundreds of individual parts. Here are some techniques for designing a watch case:


To find out the dimensions of your watch tabletop case, take a look at its interior. Its exterior dimensions generally follow the same pattern. The interior-facing jaws clamp around the facet of your watch. For this reason, you must measure your watch case just below or above the crown. Then, measure from the lugs to the tips of the hour markers. This information will help you determine the right size of your watch tabletop case.