In recent years, Jiuyue’s core team has successively inspected some of the world’s most famous fashion cities, especially in-depth investigations and researches on the jewelry brand form in the European market, whether it is Paris, Milan, Berlin, London, Madrid; all over Europe , Whether it is a first-line luxury jewelry brand with a global layout, or a small workshop-style store inherited by several generations of the family, brands of different shapes have built a rich and diverse brand ecology; each brand has its own personality and style, making people dizzy and linger. ; On the other hand, in China, the biggest problem in the local jewelry industry is homogeneity, especially for comprehensive brands, from product styles, brand vision, brand tonality, service concepts, and marketing methods; from the skin to the bones to the soul are full of homogeneity ; Brands named after the word “Fuhesheng” are flooding, and most of them can’t tell who is who after removing the signs; the homogenization of brands from top to bottom has caused the ecology of domestic jewelry brands to be extremely single.

In the cold winter of the industry, the rapid growth of the local jewelry industry for more than ten years has come to an end; the simple and rude model of opening a store, the beautiful era when opening a store can be profitable is gone; under the big waves, the future must be masters and individual brands. Era! Therefore, only by diversifying all aspects from brand positioning, visual recognition, product structure, business model, marketing method, and service concept, can the brand’s unique competitiveness be formed, lock and adhere to its own positioning, and be stronger and more refined in the subdivisions. This chaotic era kills blood.

Differentiation is more than just a slogan. If you can’t find your own position, you can’t compete with differentiation. In the end, you can only struggle, fall, and die in the quagmire of the market.

FANCY MOON, the endorsement of light luxury fashion with fresh style

FANCY MOON enters the market as a new brand of personality, combining new designer themed series and high-end jewelry customization services. The product focuses on light luxury styles, with 9K-18K inlaid products as the main product. The style concept is prominent, and the style is fashionable and fresh. The consumer group is locked in the post-85s, Young consumers born in the 90s;

Jiuyuezhi made a customized brand vision system for FANCY MOON, with fashionable style and full of artistic flavor; simple shape, bright color, FANCY MOON with natural, fresh and literary style as the endorsement of light luxury fashion, bringing consumers refreshing Brand visual experience, FANCY MOON brand vision is to strive to create a new generation of luxury jewelry brand model.

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