I DO Diamond NingBo Banji Mall store concept design project images  Jewelry store design case

I DO Diamond NingBo Banji Mall store concept design project images Jewelry store design case

Jewelry store design case For IDO Intime Mall

Project name: I Do in Ningbo Banji mall

Project area: 85s.m

Project address: Ningbo China.

Service content: Design deepening, Store furniture production, project management, On-site construction.

Create a climate in which business can prosper for customers.

Hello, my friend, I am the founder of GAOLUX.

Designers are not poets, and designers are not artists. In fact, the most fundamental condition for designers is to have the spirit of craftsmanship.

True fashion comes from individuality, exploration and creativity. I have always adhered to the spirit of Luban and created a design concept with ingenuity and focus.

Combined with the contemporary design context, we deeply explore the creative combination of the jewelry business and design and provide creative solutions with great commercial value and competitiveness for many jewelry brand enterprises.

With the heart of a craftsman, the beauty of all things

Pursue the ultimate in art with ingenuity.

Through the philosophy of order and minimalism, it conveys the design language of sophistication, confidence and timelessness. The traditional and modern design elements brew praise of the quality of life in the tacit interaction. Continuing the geometric elements with a strong oriental flavor in the space, it seeks to break through the routine and challenges the visual perception of visitors. The wheel of time, an artistic sculpture, is a glimpse into reality, where the tension of art is in full bloom.

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GAOLUX thinks

If design and innovation are the driving force of brand development.

Then, intelligent manufacturing will be the future of enterprise development.

Luban spirit | Ingenuity construction | Focus on the ultimate


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