Ming Pai Jewelry Brand, the whole jewelry store design case sharing

Ming Pai Jewelry Brand, the whole jewelry store design case sharing

GAOLUX – Professional Jewelry Store Design servicer, with 23 years of jewelry store design experience, it has served more than 8000 jewelry stores around the world.

Gaolux one-stop jewelry store design service include: jewelry store layout plan design, jewelry store wall display design, jewelry store space conception design, Jewelry store facade design, Jewelry store 3D rendering design, jewelry store lighting plan design, jewelry store showcase design, jewelry store furniture structural design, jewelry store construction drawing design, Jewelry shop accessories purchase list etc.

Ming Brand Jewelry, one of the largest jewelry companies in China, the world’s leading platinum jewelry manufacturer and retailer, and one of the industry craft standard setters. Since its establishment in 1987, Mingpai Jewelry has developed into a large-scale professional jewelry enterprise integrating R&D, design, production and sales, covering diamond, gold, K gold, based on its global integration strength and strong corporate background. All kinds of jewelry including.

In the past 30 years, Ming Jewelry has not only spared no effort to improve product quality, but also advocated the development of personalized jewelry with rich emotional connotations according to the unique emotional needs of different consumer groups. Let each product properly express the unique emotional appeal and value proposition of consumers.

Ancient Gold Craft Heirloom Gold Series

Each product in the Ming brand jewelry heirloom series has undergone dozens of processes, using ancient techniques such as firing, forging, and engraving, with higher hardness and better wear resistance. The surface treatment is carried out with a hammering process, so that the bracelet is smooth and moist and has a looming feeling of grit, which is very classical. On the premise of ensuring the firmness of the gemstones, Ming brand jewelry heirloom gold products are directly inlaid with gold, without glue or adhesive, which is more durable and pure, so as to achieve real gold inlays; Finished by hand, so the pattern is more clear, delicate, three-dimensional and vivid.

Ming brand jewelry, pioneeringly brought a “promise that never fades” – platinum into China, and with its more than 30 years of refined quality, it has witnessed the perfect heart of contemporary women “like to be a woman”.
As long as the light is in the heart, there are beautiful scenery everywhere. Ming Brand Jewelry witnesses every moment of modern life with personalized jewelry full of emotional connotations. Family, friendship, love… Let love light up from the heart, release the eternal magic of jewelry, convey every wonderful emotion in the world, and let every wearer exude confidence!

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