Xi’an Yi De Jewelry store design ideas and images

Xi’an Yi De Jewelry store design ideas and images

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Project name:Yi De in Xi’an mall

Project area: 85s.m

Project address: Ningbo China.

Service content: Design deepening, Store furniture production, project management, On-site construction.

Retaining the elements of Yi De brand culture, through the fashion, the trend of high-end market of showcase, make out the new design, make them both have brand core elements, but also have high-end and luxury design, make the whole store image more unique, and more attractive

We believe that each jewelry brand and jewelry store has its own unique DNA, with an in-depth consultation about your brand identity and the message you want to send your customers.

Jewelry store design seeks to be luxurious, noble, dazzling, gorgeous, with a sense of fashion trends, and most importantly, to make people feel that they are endowed with characteristics and Brand attributes and brand cognition.

Jewelry store layout planning design

The use of jewelry store space should be reasonably planned and divided, starting from the practicability of indoor space. Space layout planning is related to the common combination of design, ergonomics, statistics and beauty.

Xi'an Yi De Jewelry store design ideas and images

Jewelry store interior concept design

More consideration should be given to the matching between brands and products, target customer groups, customers’ consumption habits, space and services

A customer asked why the design cycle of a jewelry store takes a long time, because for customers, in the whole investment process of the jewelry store, only the space environment is heavily built and cannot be changed in the later stage.

All our marketing, promotion, display, transaction and after-sales are particularly dependent on the space environment of the jewelry store.

The complex design in the early stage is nothing more than to make our space environment more beautiful

Match the local city.

Match jewelry brand

Matching jewelry products

Matching jewelry store services

Match our target customer base

Jewelry store façade design

The facade of a jewelry store, no matter how small the area is, no matter the location is mediocre. As a designer we are obliged to make it be discovered at first sight in the vast crowd, and remember what he looked like.

If the jewelry storefront cannot let consumers remember

When there is a need to buy, remember where you are at the first time, what it looks like is a failure.


The purpose of jewelry store facade design is to improve the discovery rate of jewelry stores and the entry rate of customers. Therefore, we believe that the facade design of jewelry stores should always focus on this purpose.

Simply put, the purpose of jewelry store facade design is to sell jewelry, sell jewelry immediately, continue to sell jewelry, and always sell jewelry.


For this purpose, do the facade design of jewelry stores. Don’t design the cumbersome design of the so-called high-end atmospheric grade words on the facade. Jewelry store facade design needs to clearly tell customers who you are, what products or services you provide, what customers’ purchase reasons are and why customers choose you. This is what we often call brand + category + slogan + trust endorsement.

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If design and innovation are the driving force of brand development.

Then, intelligent manufacturing will be the future of enterprise development.

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