The technology of Gaolux will be the icing on the cake for your products

When shopping, the showcases in store will come into the first sight. An exquisite and environment-friendly showcase will bring more customers and sales for the store. When promoting the connotation and the level of products, the brand image, influences and spreading will also be promoted at the same time.


Adhering to creating the real values for clients, for 19 years, Gaolux always insists on constant development and innovation, offering high-quality showcase with market competitiveness, making boutique in the boutiques by various top technology, working on the success of clients!

WOOD MDF, Plywood, Solid wood Fire-Retardant Board

Surface: Laminated, veneer, coating

In addition to your laminates and sheet goods, Spark specializes in custom solid woods.Live edge merchandising tables, veneer shelving, solid wood cabinetry and armoires. You can count on us to provide you with quality displays that enrich your customers experience and display your product beautifully. The timelessness of wood is something that we take pride in capturing and our experienced craftsmen and wood finishing professionals allow us to deliver on your vision.

  • Water-based
  • Lacquer
  • Stains
  • High Gloss


Stainless steel, Iron Aluminum

Using 304 Stainless Steel (1.2mm)

Stainless Steel and the use of technology is a revolution in the showcase manufacture industry. Not only they have the advantages of acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, but also they directly change the color, the touch, and the whole aesthetic sense because of their smooth and fashionable surfaces, making the showcase become a real art.

Full Welding and Polishing

More Strict Requirement in Details

Stainless Steel Wire Drawing Process

Sans Fingerprint Stainless Steel Process

Stainless Steel Plating Process

In addition, NY can also do sandblasting, embossed, spraying or other different technologies according to your requirements. NY, top Special Stainless Steel Technology, makes more upmarket fashion showcase for you.


Ultra-clear glass,

Ultra-clear tempered glass,

Ultra-clear laminated glass,

Ultra-clear hot-bending glass

Ultra-clear explosion-proof glass.

Non-reflective glass


The ultra-clear glass has exceptional brilliant neutrality and transparency and provides the closest aesthetics to monolithic of the viewing angle and delivers an incredible viewing experience. The thickness from 2 to 15mm and up to 7.8m. It can be laminated, coated, painted, silk-screened, curved… Thanks to its great stability and its incomparable aesthetics, It is very suitable for jewelry and watches display.

Surface finishing

  • Water based
  • Lacquer
  • Stains
  • High Gloss


LED: Perfect lighting, perfect showing, perfect brand image


LED Strip Light

LED Spot Light

LED Stand Light

Ceiling downlight


Different products matched with different LED Lights

(1)LED Yellow Light: appropriate for gold jewelry store design and showcase, color temperature between 2,700K to 3,500K;

(2)LED Neutral White Light: appropriate for jadeware, agate, amber, collection, cultural relics, etc., color temperature between 4,500K to 6,500K;

(3)LED Daylight White Light: appropriate for watches, metal articles, and color temperature around 7,500K;

(4) LED High White Brightness Light: appropriate for diamonds, color temperature between 8,000K to 10,000K.

Hardware & Components

Door Hinge : Hafele Germany, Hettich Germany

Stronger hinge and softer resilience force

Lockset: More Secure, More Beautiful, More Intelligent

Guide Rail: Hettich Germany, Alishan Taiwan


High-Quality Hardware Accessories, makes the crowning touch to your showcase

When choosing showcases, many people are only focusing on style and color, ignoring the choices of hardware accessories. In fact, hardware accessories are the key parts of components. They influence directly the overall quality, user experience, and service life of showcases. In addition, the hardware accessories of the showcase play a significant helping role in “Aesthetic Decoration”.

Diversified material selection

Our experience with blending Corian, stone and other marble counter surfaces into fixtures makes us a specialist in retail display solution and display system to create a unique ambiance.